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June 24th 2017 

Well its been 5 years since I have been on here or dolled or pixeled anything but I am back!
Kinda, I plan on doing some art like pixeling and  dolling but it will be sporadically unfortunately. I am a lot busier than I ever have been, My son Caden is turning 7 in July and I have a 3 year old daughter named Kennedy so my hands are pretty full. Caden is on the Autism Spectrum and has a lot of issues with eating so he will be getting a feeding tube at the end of July so I expect to be very busy while we adjust to that.

I plan on using this site for my art but also kinda like a blog to share my adventures with my kids and family! I also plan on having a "tributes" page dedicated to the dollers and pixel artist from the late 90s and early 00s where I will display some of their work. I am also working on a list of where the dollers from that period can be found, either for viewing their work and access to their bases or for linking back to them for credit.    

If you would like to contribute to this project you can contact me on Linechat my ID is Callybell
OR through here but I may not get to check this site every day.


So I have been absent for well pretty much a year I know I updated in Jan but as far as I'm concerned it doesn't count.

Now I have good reasons one being that I now have a little monster to chase all day!

The other being that I had complications when I had said monster and I have been in and out of the hospital since I had him.

Also my house burned and we lost everything, I am however trying hard to get make time for Pixels and Dolls again!


yep its been almost a year since ive updated.
ive got good reasons being pregnant was no fun
and i had to have several surgeries after i had
Caden, plus my house burned down sooo yea been busy.
but im back so yay! 

Ok first of all Happy Birthday G.T!
yes im alive i had some issues with my internet company
but thats all taking care of and im back now!
i've been snowed in for days  well weeks now
you would think i would have dolled while ive been snowed in
but cabin fever has depressed me so ive just been doing alot of sleeping.
hopefully ill have something new this week.
So i set down at the computer with two goals
pixel a crochet needle.
pixel awareness ribbons for Miscarriage and Depression

when i tried to work on both of those i got nowhere!
it was like writers block! hmm pixel block?
oh well it wasnt a total loss i ended up with a new doll
im rather proud of the shading in her hair.

Mariiii made me a wonderful button
Its on my links page for you to use to link to me!
I made more zinders and they are up for adoption!
I'm feeling somewhat better so i might doll a bigger size doll tonight! =)
im sick with a stomach virus so i probably wont be doing much dolling or pixeling till i feel better. *sighs* i hate vomiting and thats all ive been doing today since 5am. =(


im in a foul mood today!
i love being pregnant but HATE the symptoms!!!
so im suppose to sleep on my left side since it helps with blood flow to the baby, well my pillow sucks and i woke up with a sore neck and shoulder.
i burned my hand last night when i was getting chicken nuggets out of the oven and of course its the hand i use the mouse with and the burn is where i lay my hand on the pad so it hurts to pixel.

im 15 weeks pregnant and i didnt find out till i was 13 weeks, well the doctor im using is the best in my area so he stays super busy and because of that my first vist isnt untill feb 14! which sorta pisses me off because i mean come on i friggin pregnant id like to know how things are going! but the bright side is wont that be an awesome V-day?